Security Film & Window Tinting in Dallas, TX

Glass has proven to be one of the most innovative, useful discoveries for all mankind. Its only downfall has been the susceptibility to breaking and the dangerous sharpened edges of its fragments. With security film from MoonShadow Inc, you can enjoy the benefits of glass without having to worry about its weaknesses. Security film is a thin, durable layer applied to glass that provides the ability to resist shattering. The film holds glass together using high-technology microfibers.

The benefits of security film are infinite including:

  • Protection against intruders trying to break in
  • Resistance against severe and violent weather conditions

Keep Cool Air In & Intruders Out with Security Film from MoonShadow

At MoonShadow Inc, we have been installing security films and window tinting in Dallas for over 30 years. As a part of our exceptional services, we carry security films with multiple tinting options. You can choose from clear safety-only film or a combination of security and heat control strengths. The film is extremely beneficial for any type of residential or commercial setting.

Protect your home, belongings, and loved ones from the dangers that can enter through shattered glass. Contact us today to receive a free estimate by calling (214) 682-1761 today!