Door and Car Film

Door edge protection:
Reduce the damage to the edges of your vehicle’s doors by installing LLumar Paint Protection Film. Door edge protection greatly reduces the damage to the edges of your doors, such as chipped paint and scrapes from parking lot mishaps.

Limited warranty:
LLumar’s limited warranty is valid for up to Five (5) years from the date of purchase. The limited warranty applies to LLumar Paint Protection Film that has been professionally sold and applied by a LLumar installer in the United States or Canada in accordance with the manufacturer’s application procedures and over OEM factory paint. The limited warranty applies to any bubbling, cracking or yellowing that is caused solely by defects in the manufacture or materials.

You can count on high performance, LLumar Paint Protection Film, to protect your car’s finish from any scratches caused by road debris. We are proud to be recognized by our products outstanding appearance and of our reputation for quality and innovation, which has made LLumar one of the world’s best-selling paint protection film brands. LLumar’s Paint Protection Film is proudly made in the U.S.A. and is manufactured by a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company.

Damage caused by road hazards:
We all know how it hurts when you get that first scratch on your car or truck. You can protect your vehicle from the damages caused from everyday driving and keep it looking newer for a much longer period of time. LLumar Paint Protection Film is a high-gloss, virtually invisible film, that shields and protects your vehicle’s paint.

Protection where you need it most:
By adding LLumar Paint Protection Film you can shield your vehicle from damages in areas that are most vulnerable. Our protection film has best-in-class and clarity, as well as superior durability to protect against the hazards of the road.

Keep it looking Great:
LLumar Paint Protection Film gives you the best option for caring for your vehicle. Just wash and wax your vehicle as you normally would to keep it looking its best.

Ask a LLumar sales representative or contact your local dealer to have LLumar Protection Film installed! Call 1-800-2LLUMAR or visit us at to learn more.